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Gloria's class continues to draw an inspired group of yogis looking to be led by a wonderfully experienced instructor. Whether you're just starting out or have been practicing for years, Gloria will bring out the very best in you!
Paul's main focus is on accommodating the change that can so easily manifest with your practice. He will take you on a journey of healing that will help you match the intensity of this series with your innate levity and joy.
Laarni is infused with a boisterous bundle of energy and enthusiasm. She has a respect for yoga that will most certainly be passed on to your sweaty self in each class she teaches.
Olivia's smile alone will give your practice the boost it needs. Her gentle demeanor is combined with incredible strength, creating the perfect hybrid.
Olivia's dedicated passion to yoga is beautifully passed on to all who step foot in the studio. Whether she is inspiring you with her personal practice or motivating you with her unique teaching gifts in ALL the styles we offer, you'll immediately feel energized by this spirited, eclectic yogi.
It doesn't hurt that her accent will have you feeling like you're on a first-class flight with British Airways! Olivia will take your practice to new heights!!
Winny brings energy, integrity and joy to each and every one of her classes, and it's all for you! Her passion for yoga and its healing properties are beautifully embodied through her teacher-student connection! Get ready to feel a glorious connection to her and yourself!
Rory's youthful vibrance and meticulous practice will only serve to inspire you! You'll fall in love with her boundless energy and joyous demeanor!
The moment Joanne starts her class, you know that you are being taught by a teacher with integrity and devotion. You'll feel a sudden desire to take your practice to a whole new level!
If you've ever practiced yoga with Darren, you quickly understand the meaning of strength and focus. Luckily, for the students at BeHot, he brings both of these qualities to his teaching as well. His class is a brilliant mix of humour and integrity.
Marya's passion and love for yoga shine through in her practice and her teaching. The energy she infuses upon each practitioner is electric and laced with integrity!
Linda's flare, matched with an articulate, cohesive approach to teaching will have you feeling jubilantly energized. Yup. It's YOU who wears the yoga crown when graced with her dynamic stylings.
If Christine's natural knack for teaching rubs off on you, consider yourself Buddha-blessed. Her grace and detail to technicality is a hybrid that will have you flying by the seat of your asana! Enjoy that.
Samantha is all heart, and she'll have your ticker pounding with joy when you experience her charismatic Vinyasa class.
Her enthusiasm and passion will take you to new heights.
Emilie's career as a performer will only serve to shine the spotlight on her natural gifts, as she channels her endless enthusiasm and spark into teaching a class that will inspire and energize you.
Elaine is an experienced teacher in both Yin and Vinyasa, and she'll wow you with her vivacity in each. Get the best of both yoga worlds with this vibrant and calming soul.
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