Our Staff

Paul - Owner of BeHot Yoga Toronto



Paul may tend to get a little philosophical in class, but that’s just his way of creating room for you to accommodate your own healing through the use of helpful anecdotes, mantras and self-relatable stories.

But no worries, each serious offering will likely be followed by a dose of humour…and then another. The use of levity in and out of class is an integral part of his teaching methods. What he wants most is for you to enjoy your healing journey.

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or positive energy to share, don’t hesitate to reach out to the owner of BeHot Yoga. Your wellbeing is his primary goal.
Be sure to check out his bestselling book, "I Hate Yoga." Grab a copy at the studio, a Chapters bookstore or on Amazon.

Oliva - Studio Manager/Teacher at BeHot Yoga Toronto



Olivia has been a BeHot manager for four years and brings a wealth of professionalism and integrity to the studio.

In addition to being schooled in all the yoga styles taught at BeHot Yoga (Vinyasa, Yin and Bikram), her past experience in sales and retail make her a well-rounded, informed and knowledgeable studio manager. She’s also a special, friendly soul.

If you have any questions regarding sales, retail or any of the yoga disciplines we offer, feel free to reach out to Olivia. She is also an avid world traveler—with a beautiful British accent—so do take her advice on global hot spots!

Her email: olivia@behotyogatoronto.com

Winny - Studio Manager/Teacher at BeHot Yoga Toronto



Winny’s vivacious, bubbly and kind personality is forever infectious. She can make your worst day suddenly become joyous simply by flashing her smile.

As the Energy Exchange coordinator and Studio Manager for BeHot, she infuses spirit and enthusiasm into all who cross her path and are lucky enough to revel in her boundless energy.

If you want to set up an interview to be part of our Energy Exchange program, reach out to Winny by email. She’s also here to answer any other questions you may have regarding yoga and—given that she’s also a busy film actress—she’d be happy to engage in any showbiz gossip.

Her email: winny@behotyogatoronto.com

Emilie - Assistant Studio Manager/Teacher at BeHot Yoga Toronto



Emilie simply lights up a room with her unfiltered passion for life and all things yoga. As the newest member of our management team, her humility and willingness to learn all about the workings of the studio and the wonderful yogis who occupy it, has been a joy for all to witness.

Don’t be surprised to hear Emilie’s welcoming voice on the other end of the phone if you’ve just joined the studio. She calls to ask everyone how their experience has been with us. (Psst…she’s a wonderful singer as well, but if you ask her to belt out a few bars of a diddy from her favourite musicals, that’s gonna cost ya)

For any questions regarding your introductory package and the options available to you moving forward, you can call the studio or talk to Emilie in person while you’re enjoying your time with us.

Her email: emilie@behotyogatoronto.com


Marya - Assistant Studio Manager/Teacher at BeHot Yoga Toronto



Marya was one of the first graduates of our BeHot Yoga Teacher Training Program. Her growth as a teacher and an individual in the past years has been nothing less than remarkable, and now it’s your turn to benefit from her presence at the studio.

Her innate kindness and willingness to engage in deep conversation about the topic of your choosing will immediately have you feeling like you’re a part of the family—even if you just met.

Take advantage of Marya’s kind spirit by reaching out to her when you see her at the studio. She always wants to help.


Her email: marya@behotyogatoronto.com