Energy Exchange

The Energy Exchange Program at our studio is a helpful program that benefits both the student and our yoga community.

Here's how it works...

You devote 2-3 hours of your time each week helping out with the cleaning of the studio. In exchange, for a fee of $30/month,
you receive unlimited yoga classes in our larger hot yoga room and classes for $10 each in our more exclusive and smaller "Be" room!

This fee will also provide you with unlimited use of mats and towels for your classes.

There is a minimum 6-month commitment. You will be given very specific duties at assigned times in accordance
with studio requirements. Energy Exchange members are required to practice at least 3 times/week,
as it is important that they lead by example.


This program is a great way to become a part of our yoga community, stay healthy, make friends,
and bring your special energy to a vibrant, healing environment!

If you feel that you are a good fit for this program and can contribute in a unique and
positive way, please contact us to set up an interview.

We want to develop an energetic, purposeful team of helpful yogis.

Jump on board!

Call or email Winny:
Phone: 416 203 2382