Nicole McPhail

Given her many years of experience in teaching Hot Pilates, Nicole will easily conjure up exactly what you require: burning ambition, fiery endurance and (to top it off), a sweaty smile to make you forget just how intensely you're working! Don't miss Nicole's class on Thursdays at 7pm!

Nicole McPhail instructs the following:
  • "Hot Hiit 60" Pilates
  • Performed on your mat, this "High-intensity-interval-training" class focuses on multiple Pilates positions, with a somewhat different sequence each and every class, all the while maintaining Pilates principles. This type of workout is designed to build strength, improve your glucose metabolism, burn more fat, and increase your endurance.

    Your entire core, glutes, upper and lower body will receive special attention. This energetic class is paired up with up-beat, fun music to keep you motivated and inspire you throughout.

    The room temperature is set to 35 degrees C.