Jessica Dawn

You just got lucky! You get to experience this talented teacher's glowing personality and years of yoga expertise—every Saturday at noon for our popular Vinyasa class! You're welcome. ; )
Also, be sure to check out her lunchtime Power Vinyasa classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30pm!

Jessica Dawn instructs the following:
  • Power Vinyasa - Reduced Heat (50 min.)
  • A Vinyasa yoga class that is not for the faint of heart. A rigorous pace and challenging workout that will invigorate your body and test your will. Give it a shot! #yolo ; )
    The room is warmed to 28 degrees Celsius.

  • Vinyasa Flow - Reduced Heat
  • Vinyasa yoga, also known as power yoga, is one of the most popular styles of yoga for its fast-paced, fitness approach. A great workout!  All levels welcome! The room is kept at the comfortably warm temperature of 28 degrees Celsius to help expedite the process of loosening up muscles.